Out with the Old (West), in with the New (East), Gaddafi’s dead … same Difference?!

February 9, 2012

A few days ago, rising from Ethiopia’s oldest maximum security prison, the new $200 million African Union Headquarters (AUHQ) proudly erects as a monolith should. China, who completely funded the project, already battling accusation of land grabs, further established suspicions.

An important organization such as this one obviously requires a modern, highly functional, state of the art setting to operate as the survival and progression of Africa depends on it.

The AU sent peacekeeping troops to various hotspots in Africa but when it came to Darfur, the task was dumped on the United Nations’ desk. Besides that, not sure what they do or how to justify that building, yet alone their existence.

Donating buildings to other nations is not unusual. But nowadays, it might be news worthy as the donors are not the well-intentioned and generous European saviors shielded behind the “Civilizing Mission”.

In ancient history, the Trojan Horse donation resulted in the Greek conquest of Troy. In 2012 Addis Ababa, instead of a snip on the horse’s muzzle, they have a large outdoor emblem of the Xinhua News logo, which is the New China News Agency. Well-intended warnings coming from all parts of the world read: “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts)”.

But why aren’t they listening to their own advice? World domination is rarely selective. If they are convinced that the Chinese government’s motive is evil and opportunistic, why are they seeking, surely begging behind closed doors, its assistance?

China has been buying everything from French vineyards, Portuguese Power plants, Russian oil, British water networks … no need to go on … I mean they already own over $1.4 trillion of the US debt.

Bref, the Xinhua News logo has been glowing in Time Square months before its appearance on the AUHQ building. You can see it below, right underneath the sign for Prudential. Not much government outrage and warnings against that.

You might notice glimpses of reality from time to time, but you must remember that nothing belongs to its “owner”. I call it the: “It’s not my name on my building” era.

Even the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai’s project was completed thanks to Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan’s financial assistance. The name then changed to Burj Khalifa.

“Pride comes before the fall”

– Proverbs 16:18

Burj Khalifa’s completion in 2010 coincides with the most recent (and present) Great Recession.

The American Great Depression followed the completion of the Chrysler Building in 1930 and the Empire State Building the following year.

In the 70s, One World Trade Center and the Sears Tower emersion coincided with a period of oil price increases that lead to another global economic crisis that coincided with the completion of the Petronas Towers.

On that note, forget Alan Greenspan and let’s focus on who’s building skyscrapers.

Oh wait, isn’t the AUHQ building the tallest in Addis Ababa? And there it goes … “It’s not my name on that building!”.

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12 Responses to “Out with the Old (West), in with the New (East), Gaddafi’s dead … same Difference?!”

  1. alfie19 said

    Favorite 1 so far! Very well put!

    • Snksbs said

      , you may want to inform us what sciarm is like in the UK and the western world. If you are a Muslim, let us know what storm has been brewing in the West against all sorts of Muslim sensitivities.The UK joined USA and other western countries to kill millions of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and many more places as late as a few years back.If you are a Pakistani, you should fondly remember how for centuries UK colonized and made servants out of your forefathers.From what I can gather, Dubai has abandoned many Islamic practises unfortunately due to its leaders pro-Western outlook. That is sad and totally unacceptable. At the same time, nobody faces any discrimination for being a Muslim that you face in the Western world.

      • Yongki said

        hi,i am from dubai and i like america i spend all my sumemrs there in LA ,new york and las vegas. im sorry to that some not all americans have a problem and it is that they live in a box. america was the olny great country but that was more than half a century ago when in the uae ppl lived in house made of palm trees and only the royals had electricity and u think that only america has tall buildings and great stuff well we are not a first world country yet but

    • Govher said

      One poster cited buliding height restrictions in Orlando as being based on the inability of the ground to support taller structures. That could be true of some sites, based on the underground aquifer and limestone bedrock (is that an oxymoron?), but I’m only aware of the FAA restricting the height of bulidings in dowtown Orlando due to the flight paths in and out of the nearby Executive Airport.One would hope that if they were to go forward with Miapolis, that they would design it to withstand a direct hit from a Cat 5 hurricane, taking the storm surge into consideration. Of course, if the side of the volcano ever collapses on that island off the African coast (a la Mega Disasters on THC), Miapolis, Miami & the entire Eastern Seaboard are screwed.

      • we will be there soon and y do u think that we dont have money to build a tower such as that there is a plan to build a tower 3 times taller call dubai veraictl city and fyi arabs are not terrorists it is ppl like bin laden which i dont count as arab cuz arabs are a warm friendly community where the rich and poor are friends and the sheik is the friend of the ppl and in the uae dubai is the only famous city but but we also have abu dhabi which is so great it held a f1 racing event in nov.

  2. Marii said

    Lovely pictures, nliecy captured. I used to live in Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE) before we moved to the UK about 9 years ago, and it is staggering how much it has changed over the past years. I hope to go back and visit the country some time soon.It’s a shame that behind the glamour and beauty of a country so glorious, there are many dirty things that goes on namely the abuse and injustice suffered by the migrant workers that made the country what it is now. The level of racism is also rather disgraceful. Me and my siblings were not allowed to study in a public school because we were not Arabs, and therefore had to pay to attend a private school run by immigrants. Behind every success there are always an ugly truth.

    • Reina said

      and we alsoo have sharjah which is umoafs for its museums and cultural ideas we also have fujairah which has many beach resorts and hiking and imagine if arabs cut the usa of oil then we will see what happens and workers came her knowing that the will get paid that amount but here they have rooms to live in with a/c’s back in their county they lived in cardbox’s so they consider the amount they recieve gd . thank you for your time and think outside of the box..

    • Rhichel said

      `Dubai is just bla bla blaAbu Dhabi pays for everything they do, so if you think about it, they are just taikng money from another city which can buy and sell dubai like a product. AD = richest city in the world and a billion times richer than dubai

  3. Erik said

    I’m unsure about what you docsiner local and local community. In Dubai the immigrants that come to build the city live in some horrible slums, even worse than what you photographed(still probably better than the crapholes they’re from or they wouldn’t be there). The locals as in Emiratis are fairly well, just like the expats who actually have some skills.In South Africa things are going downhill and will go downhill from now on too. You can cover Malema’s singing the Kill the Boer song. Or well, you could just cover on how if Europeans acted like South African blacks, we’d be seen as racist oppressive bigots. I’m not even sure why the heck the WC is done there.

    • Topden said

      Oh as I read some comments I laugh. First, cmreiaans done a lot of wars and kicked their noses as if they want to save yhe world but they want the money in 3rd world! We all know that. As for a plane that might hot the tower, I guess the whole word knows now its US movieDubai got investors from all over the world and its a rich country. They can do whatever they want with theur money. That doesn’t mean ppl r slaved so this building will appear. Every where there r workers who works, even the house u r living in. All of like to help poor ppl, if u want to help them, don’t be one of them, go and build ur millions and ur life and then help poor ppl instead of increasing their number by being one of themDesert? LolHeyUs was a desert tooWe r not any moreWe, in Kuwait, r very developed countryOk. Ppl here r richBut we r humans at he endWe don’t hate poor or disrespect themOk our government is rich and os giving, but that doesn’t mean we play woth the money without giving out the poor!!!!If u think gulf is desert plz come and visit Moe

    • Ekrem said

      look 7abibi im not gonna say anything cuz ure saudi and it has our holy alcpes w i respect all saudies but come on we do not force our women to wear a niqab and they can drive cars so believe me tourists would rather vist dubai than visit jeddah but its the truth .. :-)no offence have a good day

  4. Dina said

    Burj khalif is a csailsc example of ugly display of wealth accumulated from nowhere. Ofcourse millions of labours from the third world countries make a living by working in the oil rich gulf countries. Americans and brits also earn good money by suggesting opulant ideas to the Arabs like the construction of Burj Khalif.In a world where millions starve and die,spending billions of dollrs like this for luxury and fame cannot be justified.The lucky muslim brethrens in the Gulf should go to Pakistan and Bengladesh to see the pitiable condition of living statndard of the people there to understand what Allah really wanted them to do.Visiting Mecca every year or offering Namaz five times a day is not good enough to make thim good muslims. But helping the poor and needy would definitley please Allah. May Allah open your eyes to see the reality.

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