Santo Valentino, no longer a Couture Martyr

February 12, 2012

The world as we know is coming to an end my friends! Federal agencies have united and are cracking down not on illicit drugs, pedophilia, sex trafficking, child slavery or illegal immigration; but on counterfeiting and what they call piracy.

Oh how life would be different if we were to go back to the days of feeling incredibly ripped off as we come out of a movie theater, after having spent good money for a movie that wouldn’t even have made it as a 1992 ABC movie of the week. We also refuse to go back to the days of buying an album on which the only one or two good tracks were already released as singles. Or better yet, how will fashionistas pass their time if they can no longer play the “spot the fake designer bag” game?! Above all, we are not interested in spending money for a bundle of prepackaged networks, just to be able to watch a single show, such as Boardwalk Empire. Furthermore, 20-25 minutes of annoying commercials for an hour show is not a fair trade. Bottom line, either we The People get ripped off, or they do. And no, we don’t feel guilty or remorseful… No one is bailing us out!

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has been signed by the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, USA, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and Singapore. Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are still at the consideration stage.Hopefully, you have noticed that The People’s Republic of China is absent from the list, which makes this agreement somewhat irrelevant, in my humble opinion.

ACTA , which was signed without adequate parliamentary scrutiny, establishes international protection of international property such as pc software, pharmaceuticals, movies, music and yes… fashion. The real fashion martyrs who have been suffering for years, rather than renouncing their religion by selling out to mass-market stores like Kmart, Target, Kohl’s, JC Penny and H&M, could see a quantum of light.

While most countries are having to deal with the embarrassment of having their Standard & Poor’s rating gradually go down the drain, instead of getting their act together (for lack of a better term), the international community has decided to go after The People.

Regardless of which wheels are in motions, they will eventually realize that shutting down websites and street vendors will not slow down their proliferation. One should realize that when it comes to technology, the only absolute is “endless possibilities”. These pirates and vendors will only adapt to the new “security measures” and adopt a new matrix.

On the other hand, designers from ateliers everywhere can somewhat rejoice. The Vuittons, Burberrys, Guccis and Valentinos could regain their full prestige and exclusivity. These martyrs might even cease to see red as crapola versions of their craft might no longer be exposed for all to see and perhaps purchase. All will cease to see red but one: Valentino (he is notorious for making a statement by presenting a bright red epic dress at his runway shows).

If one is required to associate Valentine’s Day with a Fashion powerhouse, at least pre 2008 (his retirement), Valentino should and must come to mind. He embodies everything luxurious from his castle, penthouses, villas and famous yacht.

For anyone who has seen “Valentino: The Last Emperor“, a documentary in which he is being followed throughout the last two years of his career, completely understands the lavish lifestyle he leads which is coveted by all, including other designers. He built his empire while staying true to the meaning of High Fashion while never selling out.

Valentino once said: “I know what women want…They want to be beautiful”. No refuting that. Perhaps this might be the main reason why people everywhere knowingly purchase knock-offs in order to get as close as they could get to Couture.

However, the women that truly grasp the essence of fashion would never dare! Just the thought of Anna Wintour cryogenically glaring at me deters me from even thinking of owning anything non authentic! The horror!

So to everyone out there that is capable of love, while looking to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift, remember what the last emperor of fashion stated: “Women just want to be beautiful”. And note that the finest of us rather feel beautiful with an authentic Zara sweater than a pair of fake Coach flats.

If you are still oblivious to the point that I’m trying to make, the images below exemplify the fact that you should not attempt to replicate high fashion. Don’t try the following at home:

Et la pièce de résistance … en rouge … évidemment …


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