« Qui m’aime me suive » ( Let he who loves me follow me )

February 27, 2012

Not too long ago, precisely on January 23rd, 2012, I bravely but enthusiastically posted my first article. Hopefully, I did so while honoring the year of the dragon.

I proudly redacted various articles pertaining to music, economy, war, history, sports, fashion, corporate behavior, literature, crime and finance. I must admit that although most of my articles are not meant to be read between television shows, the interested have given me the time of day and the response has been surprisingly encouraging. I have e-companions from all over the world, marching with me from Brazil, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Turkey, United States, Canada, Sri Lanka, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Norway.

Thank you for the ongoing support. “Qui m’aime me suive*”. Thus, “Follow” me!

Secondly but not least, an honorable mention goes to coffee. I was never much of a coffee drinker. To tell the truth, I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all. Regrettably, I recently feel under the spell of the roasted cocoa bean. At times from Colombia, other times from Jamaica and more often than willing to admit, god knows from where.

I must confess that at times, I do need a cup of “liquid stimulus” in the morning, as it is not always easy to initiate my daily routine after a late night of writing. So might as well try to do the right thing by choosing Fair Trade Coffee. Making a difference!


These small coffee producers have to abide by specific standards such as shorter work hours, no child labor, bringing the maintenance of their farm up to code and be subjected to periodical inspections. Unless we are willing to pay 12$ for a cup of Fair Trade coffee, many farmers will continue to earn less than their “unfair” counterparts.

Alright, let’s attempt to make a bigger difference then. Let’s be more virtuous and buy Organic. Well, think again. These farmers generally make considerably less than the others, including the Fair Trade ones. Is there no balancing this equation? How can you expect them to stay away from growing coca or from having herds of child laborers?

At this point, it might be time to consider drinking more caffeinated herbal tea and less coffee.

Uhmmmm … Okay, what about a glass of fresh berry juice? That should give me some energy to go through my drowsy mornings while keeping me healthy.

Ohhhhhhhh Dammmmnnnn…..

* Reference: « Qui m’aime me suive » was shouted by Philippe VI de Valois, in 1328, as he was about to massacre rebellious subjects in Flanders.

Copyright © 2012 Thus Always To Genius. All Rights Reserved.


One Response to “« Qui m’aime me suive » ( Let he who loves me follow me )”

  1. Miki said

    Very interesting….you should also read about the banana industry…Chiquita the biggest company exploiting leaving sick poor citizens/childs from south america countries…

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