Warfare : Who Needs Nukes Anyways?

March 18, 2012

Lately, the media has been doing very well at cultivating our fear of nuclear warfare. Specifically, the fact that we should worry about certain nations possessing nuclear weapons. This feels like the Cold War all over again.

Not only that, but it is also combined with the fact that we are conditioned to feel as if we should completely disregard nuclear energy as alternative energy. By doing so, we need to find another energy source that will lead us to the promise land: a world without oil dependency. For now, Fukushima pretty much made that decision for us; well for the ones that have forgotten Chernobyl; Fukui Prefecture, Japan; Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania; the Idaho Falls, Idaho; Frenchtown Charter Township, Michigan; and so on.

For centuries, nations have been using everything from swords to drones in order to defeat the enemy. Although biological warfare rarely is publicized, we should not be left under the impression that it has rarely been used in the history of mankind.

Actually, it was even tactically employed before Christ by, for example, pouring fungus into wells to make the enemy delirious, throwing venomous snake-filled clay pots at the enemy, flinging infected corpses over city walls and much more. Sounds like these examples have been taken from an Asterix and Obelix comic book.

“Nuclear power is meaningless in a world where a virus can kill an entire population and leave its wealth intact.”

– V for Vendetta (written by Andy & Larry Wachowski)

Indeed, why limit ourselves to viruses, fungi and bacteria? Why resort to science when we could use creatures, such as insects?

Entomological Warfare is a type of biological warfare that uses insects to attack the enemy. It exists in three types: infecting insects and then dispersing them, infecting any person or animal they might bite; direct insect attack against crops; use uninfected insects, such as bees, to directly attack the enemy.

Throwing bees into caves to force the enemy out, introducing the Colorado potato beetle into the enemy’s food sources and using plague-infected fleas and flies covered with cholera to infect a population are just a few examples of what seems to be efficient Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Although these kinds of warfare were officially outlawed by the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), who is to say that a specific plague outbreak should be classified as an attack and not just the course of nature or migration? Even if one is convinced of the assault, how can it be proven?

Why resort to insects when we could use nature? Let’s make it rain (in more ways than one).

This aspiration is not a new age narcissistic ambition of ours. In ancient India, rituals and offering were performed to bring rain in drought. Some American Indians like had rituals which they believed could induce rain. The Finnish people were known to be able to control weather. As a result, Vikings refused to invade them.

Owning the Weather without having to pray to Poseidon, Helius, Borea or Zeus has now become relatively possible.

China often creates rain falls in order to battle droughts. Recently, scientists backed by the United Arab Emirates created many artificial rainstorms. These rainstorms were said to have sometimes caused hail, gales and thunderstorms. In addition, man-made storms have been created and seen over California, Arizona and Australia.

This is awesome, until you use it to control the overpopulation of the planet or to wipe out nations in order to ease land grabs. Tsunamis and floods in Southeast Asia, droughts in Africa, landslides in South America, earthquakes a little bit everywhere are reported as usual and unusual weather. But why are they 40% more likely to occur in underprivileged countries?

Let’s leave it at that.

As would think, science is often used for conflict and not for aid. Weather warfare is the new arms race.

The United Nations prohibits the long-term use of weapons to damage weather and climate. The way this law is structured appears to make place for loop holes that almost seems as if it was meant to be use as one’s defense in court, especially in one that would matter in these circumstances: The Hague’s International Criminal Court.

For the ones out there that have absolute faith in the transparency of our governments, the conspiracy theorists out there would point out the fact that environmental manipulation has become big business. Companies do sell weather modification programs and blueprints. If agencies and corporations are popping out all over the world, let’s face it, it is real and proliferating as we speak.

In reality, no matter what proofs or leaks might available, a large percentage of society still refers to these situations as Acts of God or even God’s Vengeance. These poor civilians must not have been praying right or hard enough.

Why recruit and train an army of men to infiltrate a foreign territory, when you can just freeze your opponent’s fleet?

Or better yet, prohibit the enemy’s fleet from even getting near your territory.

Instead of threatening others with embargo, decreased credit rating and sanctions, why not send a flash storm as a friendly reminder to pay a debt, to vote a certain way, to return a political prisoner or to even comply with a specific ludicrous demand. No deposit the following week, here’s frozen rain mixed with winds gushing over 130 km/hour.

Pay up, shut up and lay down …. or your funds might just inadvertently end up “frozen” and you, left out in the “cold”.

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  1. Enna said

    / I enjoyed your blog. It’s easy to read, the cotnent is good, and your an educated writer unlike most of the blogs I come across when searching on this topic. I will check back in the future and see if you have anymore articles. Thanks for posting this, I appreciate the infomration and the effort you put into your site.

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