Okay okay … it is technically not an actual ode, anyways not in the classical sense. Let’s just say that my blog is a Tchaikovsky-esque ode.

I have a lot to say about every aspect of life that I find interesting. If you have an open mind, chose not to be a prototype as you walk through life, have a dry twisted sense of humor, you will enjoy this site.

My blog consists of ten (10) categories:

1) Embraced Euphemism : Accepting the usage of mild politically correct expressions to define our harsh reality ;

2) Hypochondria’s Rx : Will I ever find a cure for my hypochondriac nature? ;

3) Mani / Pressive : Parallels to Gabriel Marcel‘s “Being & Having”, which is my second favorite philosopher. On a lighter note: “Manic, Manic, bo-banic, Banana-fana fo-fanic, Fee-fi-mo-manic, Manic! Pressive, Pressive, bo-bressive, Banana-fana fofressive, Fee-fi-mo-mressive, Pressive!” ;

4) Ocular Opium : The Arts! with a capital “A” ;

5) Pathetic Neuro-Reflex : Homage to Pavlov ;

6) Pseudo Fairy Tales : History ;

7) SapioSexual : Intellectual Crushes ;

8) Synchronicities : No coincidences in this universe. The “Le Chatelier” principle is omnipresent in this category ;

9) Whistleblowing Utopia : Mythical application of what we know as”Off the Record”;

10) On that Note: Music.

On that note… a Piano Concerto No. 1 kind of note embedded in a Dies Irae kind of melody … Enjoy !


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