A few days ago, rising from Ethiopia’s oldest maximum security prison, the new $200 million African Union Headquarters (AUHQ) proudly erects as a monolith should. China, who completely funded the project, already battling accusation of land grabs, further established suspicions.

An important organization such as this one obviously requires a modern, highly functional, state of the art setting to operate as the survival and progression of Africa depends on it.

The AU sent peacekeeping troops to various hotspots in Africa but when it came to Darfur, the task was dumped on the United Nations’ desk. Besides that, not sure what they do or how to justify that building, yet alone their existence.

Donating buildings to other nations is not unusual. But nowadays, it might be news worthy as the donors are not the well-intentioned and generous European saviors shielded behind the “Civilizing Mission”.

In ancient history, the Trojan Horse donation resulted in the Greek conquest of Troy. In 2012 Addis Ababa, instead of a snip on the horse’s muzzle, they have a large outdoor emblem of the Xinhua News logo, which is the New China News Agency. Well-intended warnings coming from all parts of the world read: “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts)”.

But why aren’t they listening to their own advice? World domination is rarely selective. If they are convinced that the Chinese government’s motive is evil and opportunistic, why are they seeking, surely begging behind closed doors, its assistance?

China has been buying everything from French vineyards, Portuguese Power plants, Russian oil, British water networks … no need to go on … I mean they already own over $1.4 trillion of the US debt.

Bref, the Xinhua News logo has been glowing in Time Square months before its appearance on the AUHQ building. You can see it below, right underneath the sign for Prudential. Not much government outrage and warnings against that.

You might notice glimpses of reality from time to time, but you must remember that nothing belongs to its “owner”. I call it the: “It’s not my name on my building” era.

Even the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai’s project was completed thanks to Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan’s financial assistance. The name then changed to Burj Khalifa.

“Pride comes before the fall”

– Proverbs 16:18

Burj Khalifa’s completion in 2010 coincides with the most recent (and present) Great Recession.

The American Great Depression followed the completion of the Chrysler Building in 1930 and the Empire State Building the following year.

In the 70s, One World Trade Center and the Sears Tower emersion coincided with a period of oil price increases that lead to another global economic crisis that coincided with the completion of the Petronas Towers.

On that note, forget Alan Greenspan and let’s focus on who’s building skyscrapers.

Oh wait, isn’t the AUHQ building the tallest in Addis Ababa? And there it goes … “It’s not my name on that building!”.

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I am proudly embracing this opportunity and submitting my first real post, with an eastern connotation. I am very excited and will see where this path takes me…where this uncharted road takes us!

For now, “us” equals just me and my thoughts… but hopefully, soon enough, you and I might end up being e-Companions!

In the eyes of the western world, I am a proud Leo. However, when looked at through Sino eyes, I am Goat. What?! Why not Tiger? How can I both be Leo and Goat at the same time?!? Could it be another manifestation of my pluralism (not bipolarism… pluralism)?

As a Leo, a fire sign ruled by the sun, I am considered to be proud, masculine, extrovert, a natural leader, outgoing, warm-hearted, loyal and strives to excel in everything. Wow, makes me want to have a bunch of Leo children! Some is true, some isn’t quite! But why be surprised at the inaccuracy? How can you accurately categorize 6.8 billion people in a mere dozen boxes?

As a Goat, an earth sign, I am considered creative, charming, artistic, insecure, non confrontational, anxious and caring. Hmmm…. quite different picture! Or perhaps these two pictures are simultaneously fused into one. Reminds me of an “ambiguous” type of cognitive illusion. You know, like the Rubin Vase?

As you follow me on this e-Journey, you will get a better idea of who I am, why I say the things I do and you will eventually be able to connect the dots. Do not be afraid and follow me follow me follow me. I am great and you love me. If you don’t, then there is something wrong with you, not me, you…hater! Ughhh… I am sooooo sorry, please don’t hate me. I need your love and attention. I am nothing without you! Oh lord… anxiety attack coming my way….

Are you now getting a better idea of the East vs. West astrological sign duality that I was previously referring to?

So basically, after extensive readings on both my yin-yang signs, I came to the conclusion that this means that I am a “warrior artist”. Oh lord… didn’t Hitler fail as a watercolor painter in Vienna? He then tried to redirect his passion for the arts by taking another tangent and was wiling to compromise as an architect and failed. We all know what went on from there… fantasized by all, sought by many, successfully achieved by few…World Domination!

On this note, to all my Chinese friends all over the world, especially Mr. Wong: “Hello Sir” and “Happy New Year!” … World Domination!

Free Tibet anyone? … oops… There is a time and a place for everything and this is not the time and probably not the place for this kind of … crazy talk?!?

So…let’s close our eyes and enjoy our succulent endangered shark fin soup.

Disclaimer: The content of this Website is not sheltered from foreign cyber attacks. Therefore, if the pseudo author of this blog is somewhat affiliated with any controversy or unpopular socio-political views, you might want to first take a look at the Anonymous. I hear these guys are trouble with a capital “ T ”!

Xie Xie !

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