“I’m Chiquita banana and I’ve come to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way
When they are fleck’d with brown and have a golden hue
Bananas taste the best and are best for you
You can put them in a salad
You can put them in a pie-aye
Any way you want to eat them – It’s impossible to beat them
But, bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical equator
So you should never put bananas in the refrigerator.”

– Words and Music by Montgomery, Mackenzie, and Wirges.

We should never put bananas in … the hands of Congress and White House Officials either.

Chiquita Brands International Inc, an American producer and distributor of mainly bananas, was founded in 1871. In 1998, the Cincinnati Enquirer published Chiquita Secrets Revealed, which accused the company of exploitation of workers on plantations, pollution, drug trafficking, bribing, land grabbing and other misdeeds.

Chiquita denied all the allegations, and sued after it was revealed that one of the reporters had repeatedly hacked into Chiquita’s voice-mail system. Therefore, an apology was published and the company was paid a mulch-million-dollar settlement. Let’s not jump to conclusion and automatically assume that the big bad multinational wolf must have done it all and successfully cashed out of court, as most of them do.

Right after, a Fair Trade movement counterattacked, by forming an alliance of social activists targeting the banana industry, specifically Chiquita. Down with corporations! Encourage small farmers!

As a result of this pressure, Chiquita partnered with the Rainforest Alliance, an environmental group dedicated to preserving the rainforest, and made major reforms in the way they plant and protect their bananas, especially in the use of pesticides.

It is results like these that keep us hoping and trying to make things right. Although 1998 doesn’t seem that far ago, times have changed more than we think. Corporations, not governments, are holding our fates in their hands for the sake of wealth and power.

Monsanto, created 30 years after Chiquita, perhaps abides by the same code of conduct as Chiquita. Even their Websites are incredibly similar not only in design but also in content and style. After exploring their sites, one is left lead to think that they are both advocate of social reform and the welfare of human kind. They are proud of making a difference.

Making a difference they do! In 2007, Chiquita was fined $25 million for having ties to Right-Wing and Left-Wing Colombian paramilitary groups which are all the U.S. State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. World domination is easiest when merging both sides on your payroll.

They paid approximately $2 million to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) which is right-winged, in exchange for protection in Colombia. In addition, brides were also made to the left-winged Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), as well as the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Furthermore, that same year, 173 family members of victims of militia filed a lawsuit against Chiquita. If lost, it may put Chiquita out of business. Terry Collingsworth, a lawyer with International Rights Advocates who is involved with the multimillion dollar litigation, said: “This is a landmark case, maybe the biggest terrorism case in history. In terms of casualties, it’s the size of three World Trade Center attacks.”

Justice will prevail right? Not sure…


On a side note, I often reply “Not sure” to my statements for the idealists out there that still believe in Utopia and are quick to associate people with my points of view as overzealous, pessimistic and even extreme. For some reason, saying “not sure” appeases them. It is sweeter to their ears than “No”. “No, children, justice will not prevail!” is too strong of a statement for some fragile minds protected by bubbles.

As you know, I approach all my articles in a very sarcastic but realistic manner. Therefore, I will tell you the following:

Michael Taylor, responsible for introducing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into food supply without appropriate testing, was just appointed by the Obama administration, senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. Before that he was one of Monsanto’s attorney, Vice President and chief lobbyist. When questioned, the White House refused to reveal relationships with Monsanto.

Also, in the 2007 case that I was referring to earlier, the defense lawyer for Chiquita Brands international was Eric Holder. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he has been promoted by the Obama Administration to U.S. Attorney General.

Again, Justice will prevail right? ….


Bananas or not, in the meantime, let the bees do their work and pollinate as they were created to do. If it weren’t bananas, it would have been something else. Something else indeed … such as bees themselves!

Yes, Chiquita is to bananas as Monsanto is to … almost everything. However, for now, let’s just focus on bees. Monsanto’s bio engineered compounds have been killing off bees as they are highly toxic. In an effort to replace them, why not make them better as Monsanto knows how to do best. Hybrid bees have been created and they are bigger, better and work harder. Better for all you might think? Think again, they were designed only to pollinate Monsanto crops.

They are so effective that Monsanto has no time to let their toxins destroy nature. They would benefit by taking the destruction into their own hands. Which they have. Why just settle for the title of creator? Might as well seize the title of destroyer one as well. Once their job is done, what will pollinate your crops, gardens and even flowers?

Only Monsanto-engineered creatures will have the ability to proceed.


Did you know that bees communicate with each other with pheromones? When in danger, they release this compound, which smells exactly like bananas, in order to warn others.

In fact, introducing a ripe banana in their environment will create chaos and terror, such as yelling “terrorist” in an NRA meeting.

Or yelling __________ in a Monsanto-Chiquita White House meeting.

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I was at the grocery store, thinking about the next subject to tackle and whether or not to slow down my tempo when it comes to writing new posts. The better part of me thinks of that as unfathomable. Not only I am going through one of the most creative phases experienced in a long time, but also I have a very good feeling about this unexplored path that my life is taking. The biological part of me might eventually turn against my will and purposely expose my body to a virus that will temporarily disable me as I will lay in bed attempting to recover as fast as possible, in order to write all about the experience in my blog.

Let’s put all these “what ifs” aside and get back to our subject. As I’m walking through the fresh produce aisle, I am wondering why is it so difficult to find good fruits and vegetables that taste as good as they did when we were younger. Even when willing to pay good money for them; although they look perfectly structured and pigmented, they mostly taste like the fruity lip gloss we use to cherish as young ladies in training.

I then recalled an interesting French documentary: “Le Monde selon Monsanto (The World according to Monsanto)” which I, of course, recommend.

This controversial American multinational has the potential to be, if not already there, to our world what Mr. Burns’ power plant is to the Simpsons’ Springfield. Okay, for us non nerds out there, it’s right up there with BP. Monsanto creates some of the most toxic Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and the herbicide Agent Orange.

Striving to be an impartial wannabe journalist / pseudo writer, as soon as I got home, I decided to see what they were up to these days. I visited their Website and right on their home page, representing financial transparency at it best: their annual report and their stock value. Remember, they are all about farmers and improving lives.

But we need food right?! What happened to the days when you actually had to be well off to savor caviar, crustacean, exotic mushroom, foie gras, saffron, truffle, Kobe beef, sea bass and oysters? What happened to waiting for a specific season in order to eat your favorite home-made fruit pie?

I’ll tell you what happened: greed and being spoiled. We have grown up wanting everything right away all the time, whether we can afford it or not. Why not supply the demand one would ask themselves in this age of capitalism?

Monsanto comes to our rescue with their artillery which includes High-Fructose Corn Syrup (quarter water and the rest is various sugars). It is a man-made sweetener that is present in almost everything we ingest. Skeptic? Just go into your cupboard right now and start reading your labels.

More and more we are discovery and exposing the effects of HFCS such as obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, anemia, mood swing, low immune systems…

On the other hand, they make it possible for governments to meet the industrialized world demand for food without increasing the prices by 800%. How would we view our nations as evolved and advanced if we went back to eating beats, onions, potatoes and apples? To that we say: “Never! Let us eat cake!”

And to that Monsanto responds: “Eeeeeexxxxcellent!”

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